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Under an English Heaven was a project conducted between 2010 and 2014. It was an initial exploration of David Maxwell Fyfe and his life in the latter part of the 1940s.


Its outcome was a short film, and 10 mixed media gobbets. Each told the same story in different forms.


The project is personal, with an educational intent, as the history it tells resonates still.


It was immediately clear that Maxwell Fyfe was a romantic and that he was inspired. The songs written by Sue Casson, settings of words that moved Maxwell Fyfe, seek to capture that inspiration.

This is a family project made with the help of friends.  It is created by Tom Blackmore and his family. The music is written by Sue Casson, who reads the letters of Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe. On our travels, Lily Blackmore was our photgrapher, Robert Blackmore our cameraman.


Kilmuir Papers is very grateful for the help and support in this project of the Churchill Archives, its' director, Allen Packwood, and archivist, Sophie Bridges.


At the Churchill Archives, our cameraman was David Morcom and sound recordist was  Nikos Nikolalaios.



To listen to Sue Casson's settings of the sonnets, click here